The supporters for the front shield
The supporters for the front lowest shield. Parts to be used.The parts marked with ** are glued to 0,5mm cardboard Parts finished Underneath

The parts mounted together
Top down view Side Under Rear

The support legs
Drawing of the hinge Drawing of the lifter pedal Hinge with pedal is done Drawing of the lock
The locker Movable One of the rods attached to the legs Drawing of the inner structure of the supportlegs
It was a bit tricky to get this right....since it's not that easy to roll a part of this lenght, but it came out quite nice. I started on the second support leg.It's made of the inner structure and the outer skin. There was a long connection strip, but I found it wery difficult to use it since I found no good way to be able to gain some pressure from the inside So I decided to just join the tube butt to butt.
The recoil stopper Lock mecanism and the tow hook The connection to the frame Tow hook
Closeup of the end of the leg Overview Overview Overview

Closeup of the handle

Leg attached to the frame

Another view

The front plate
The finished part on top of the drawing Closeup Closeup Closeup

The last leg done
Rear details Detail on the leg Both legs side by side Details on the rear plates
Detail Closeup Overview Overview

The barrelslide
Drawing Drawing Some of the parts. The vertical adjuster on the drawing
Closeup of the part The slide inside Outside Drawing of the connector for the slide
Parts to be used Part done.Added 0,6mm nuts Glued to the slide Drawing of the "hinge"
The hinge is done Another view The hinge is glued to the slide Another view
Drawing of some parts I don't know the names of.. Drawing number two Drawing number three All parts are glued to the slide





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ŠJohnny Svensson 2007