Starting with the The main structure.This is the part that will hold the barrel and adjustment system.The frame is build of lasercutted parts.
Drawing of the main part. Drawing of the inside of the main part Laserparts ready to be assembled Parts glued together
Making the framework for the front part on the frame. The part is covered by the skin in front The main frame is edgepainted and the front and inner part is in place A closer look at the locks for the "hinge system"
Details on the right side. A few of the inner parts are in place The horizontal adjustment wheel Another angle
View from right side. A closeup of some of the details The adjustment wheel Closeup of the front part
Another closeup. Parts for the vertical adjustment wheel Parts for the vertical adjustment wheel The transferbox
The wheel is assembled and painted. Connected to the transferbox and axel Laserparts ready to be assembled The main center part is finished and painted

The different parts are dryfitted to see how it all looks

The last part on the frame
The drawing of the part. The frame is made of 1mm copperwire The Part is finished And mounted on the main part

The Barrel

So it was time to make the barrel.....first I thought this was going to be just as easy as the earlier parts.....oh oh oh...I was wrong!!

Lets start with the drawing....It looks pretty straight foward right ? you can see the barrel are made of parts 51 a and b and this only makes the inner part of the barrel. The first part is to be twisted and glued to make the rills inside curl around.... As shown on the pic.... I had to really do some thinking here, and came up with a solution where I was to use small strips of silkpaper to connect the butts all the way around.I got it together in a way, but it's not any pretty sight So came the next stage...making the outer part of the inner part.That part went ok
The outer part of the barrel are made of several pieces as shown on the pic. Those parts are strairgt forward builds with a skin covering a ring in each end.I used a 4,5mm drill to align the different tubes. The rear end, where the ammo goes in was next. Great with laserparts :)
Another side of the part. The part is skinned And mounted on the barrel The front end of the barrel.The drawing shows that It't many parts involved here....25 parts to be correct.
So I started with the outer part Here are some of the parts to be used on the tip.. The tip is done The coned ring on the backside And this little bugger was to be coned and put onto the ring
The rest was straight forward building.Making 4 rings or small tubes and the rear coned joint. And here is the finished tip! Overview And lets put some ammo in


The model can be bought atDRAFMODEL

ŠJohnny Svensson 2007