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Continuing making the roadwheels.There are two kinds of roadwheels on this tank.One narrow type and one wide type.

The roadwheels fits into eachother by the spacing in the wider wheels.

Front view of the first wheel. Top down view. Rear side. Placed loosely on the tank to see how it fits

Now onto the wider wheels.
Parts to be used for one wheel ready. Adding the ripples one by one on both sides of the wheel. The inner wheel is done. And the outer part

Both wheels done done. Dryfitting. The swingarms on the left side are ready.

Front top Loosely put in place.

Making ripples.
The last 24 ripples. The complete set of rippled wheels. Here we have all roadwheels. To strenghten the hollow construction of the wheel supporters I added some wooden rods inside to make them capable of handeling more weight

Now onto the wider wheels.
Fire extinguisher. All swingarms are in place. The roadwheels are loosely added. Top down view

Overview of the roadwheels. Instructions for the rear leading wheels. First step was to make the rear side.It was made of a 0,5mm bottom plate,a center hub, and two coned pieces coned each way.The triangles was glued to the lower cone and the hub.. Then I made the cone for the front side arrangement

Then I added the ring with the nuts to the rear side.. The cone was glued to the front side. And the nuts was added to the rear side. So came the time to add the supporters for the outer ring on the front side

All 6 supporters added. Then I had to put on the paperstrip and the ring to hold the coned front part in place. The outer part was added to get the distance from the rear ring correct for the dimesnsion on the outer coned part. The coned outer ring is in place

A lot of tiny triangles was to be added to the outer coned sides. And when all triangles and nuts are added we have a wheel. I painted the part that will be in contact with the tracks with "polished steel" paint. The wheels put loosely on for an impression of how it will look.

Now it's time to make some of the details here and there.
Some boxes. Another box. The antenna. And the stiffeners for the mudguards.

Headlight. Another angle. The jack. And another view.

The other side. Two hooks on the rear mudguard. Placed where it belongs. And the arrangement for the spare tracklinks.

The tow wire The wire is real o,5mm steel wire. Another box on the rear of the left mudguard. Another view. The showel.

And some strips under the front mudguards. Some of the tools and one of the visors. A bulbe on the "Hood". Some tools on the opposite side.

I got the last hinges at the rear end in place, and painted the holders for the wire. Overview.


ŠJohnny Svensson 2007