SDKfz 250 Greif

This has been a very long project....I guess it has been over a year by now.But I'm slowly moving towards the finish line. The only remaining things now are the left tracks and a few minor items that will be put on at last.

I started the build with the radiostack

The kit


Closeup of the radio

The frame made of copperwire

Parts for the internal structure


Parts cutted out

Frame and parts ready

All radioparts together


And finished

Next out was the hull

Drawing of the hull

Frame done

The outer skin

The inner skin

Outside glued in place

Part to cover the hole

The part in place

Inside of the engineroom

Drawing of the rear construction for the radio and side seat

The parts are glued to 1mm cardboard

All parts are cutted out,ready to be glued together

The internal frame is glued together


And finished

The engine

The main engine part

Folded and glued left side

The right side

Parts for details on the engine

Engine completed

Right side


Left side


Top view

The Radiator

Parts for the radiator

The drawing

Front view

Rear view

Mounted inside

Rear view

Front view