Wheels added!!

Adding the wheels was a bit exiting.I was not sure if they would line up correctly.The alignment was better that I was afraid of,and I'm happy with the result.
The wheels on the left side are in place. On the right side I'm still missing the front suspension spring. Seen from the underside we can see how the wheels line up.There are a few minor adjustments to be made before the tracks can be put on. The front light.Inside the frontlight I made a reflector and a small bulbe,but it doesn't show here on the pic
Side view. Closeup of the right center suspensionspring and the cover

Making the tracks

Each tracklink contains 4 parts.The two small rods are used for connecting the tracks to eachother in the end I start with putting the rods on the bottom bart to prevent glue from sealing the hole when it's assembled. Then I apply the glue and put the top piece on. When the glue has dried , it's time to grind the edges to make them rounded to make the tracks move individually
Next is to glue the top strip on. The part to keep the tracks on track...I'll wait to glue this until all links are done and painted. 17 links so far....193 to go.....

Making a small Diorama for the tank

I made a base of some gravel and moss. Planted some trees here and there. And will try to add a wrecked shed in the foreground.

Adding the shed

I made a door out of 1mm balsa strips And a broken down wall. The roofplates are made of corrugated paper.I will show how I made those later on. Just a fun pic....

Finishing the rear details

The store hooks for the tow wire Tow wire in place. Tracklinks on the drivewheels. Still building tracks....

More trackwork

As we can see here I have a bit over half the right side track done. I just put the track loosely onto the drivewheel. Just to get the overall impression. Track in the middle.The small parts to guide the tracks along the wheels will be put on in the end since I'm not sure how good they can stand my handeling...
From the underside
By now I have 60 links finished and 15 ready for some paint.I have counted the links on one side to be around 97..

Some more work done.I now have finished the tracks on one side.The number of links to make one track are 99...

The track is ready to have the centerpiece mounted. Like this.Just some paint ane we are done. The track is done.Here a shot from the rear part Here from tne front end.
An overall view of the right side track From the underside. And another from the side

The Chi-Ha is now done!!

This tank is so far the best kit I have come across.Every single part fits 100%.The coloring is just great, and the overall impression is 100%. You can get this tank by visiting my favourite shop Model-Hobby


ŠJohnny Svensson 2007