Shinhoto typ97 Chi-Ha 1:25 ModelHobby

Construction report

The first stages of this construction report doesn't have a lot of comments.The assembly of the frame and hull is straight forward building.All parts fit 100% and there are no errors in the kit.The hatch on the tower is maybe the most difficult part here(at least it looks that way) but the hatch is well designed so it's quite easy to get the right shape.

Here I have prepared the parts for the last 16 remaining leading wheels The wheels are assembled An overview A closeup of one of the sets
An overview of the 16 wheels One of the springs.This is the left side frontspring.The spring was made of copperwire winded around a 3mm rod Here we can see all the left side springs mounted.And attached to the connector arms The same....

Wheels putted loosely on The main parts of the small leading wheels.Each wheel contains 5 parts The wheels are glued in place Overview of the finished side

A closer look at the front part Closeup of the rear Closeup of the center smallest leading wheel


The parts for the exhausttank is scored and edgepainted. The main tank has an oval shape,so I shaped it that way before I added the end pieces The tank and the bend is finished.The bend is quite easy to glue together The pipes added.I made my own pipes here.
I added some "rust" to the pipes and tank. The cover over the exhausttank was supposed to be made of a frame placed over a paper mesh. I decided to replace the papermesh with some bandage material.I wanted a more real look for the cover. The cover is finished.
The left exchaust in place. The shape of the cover fits the mudguard just fine. Second exhausttank in place. Both exhausttanks are done.

Finishing the upper part of the hull and the tower

The sidepanels are mounted. Rear view View from the side Handgrips added.
The rest of the handgrips are in place. The handgrips are made of 0,5mm copperwire The tower machinegun A closer look.
The front machinegun. The last hatches done Overview Overview.

The jack and hatch locks

The jack. Another pic
The hatch locks was tiny....With a little patiente and some superglue I got them in place The rear hatch Overview


ŠJohnny Svensson 2007