Pkw K1 Kübelwagen Typ82 1:16 Modelik

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Wiper motor,window hinges and stoppers for the windshield

The part to be used for the motor. Part assembled and the printed switch is to be replaced with the "knob" Motor mounted Window in upward position
Window in downward position. The hinge And the stopper knob

The front fenders

Here are the parts to be used.The parts are laminated so it also will have color on the backside. Edges are painted to avoid the white stripe along the joint Here I have started to glue the biggest arch to the fender.It's a bit tricky to get it to be nice since there aren't any jointstrips or flips to glue the archer to. The part is sucessfully glued in place
Next out will be this narrow arch....about 1mm thick. Fenders done Overview Closeup

The front seats

The drawing of the seats. Here I have cutted out all the parts for one seat. First thing was to laminate the seatparts and the back parts.I have also marked on the seat where the buttmark will come. I used my Dremel to carve out the "buttmarks" in the seats
The covers are applied, and the cushions are ready to be assembled into a seat. The cushions are put into the frame And we have a seat The seats are connected to their "feets"
Overview. And placed into the car just to see how they fit. They fitted just fine

The rear axel,suspension and transmission.

Drawing of the arms that is going to hold the axel and transmission. A lot of parts to be used for this job. Here I have mounted the first one.Half painted Half of the second one with the 1mm nuts in place
Closeup. Closeup. Construction of the second arm.The parts to use are cutted out and are ready for assembly. First out is making the small sylinder.The part is rolled against a 2mm rod to get the right size of the finished part.
The sylinder is done, and the tiny roll to be mounted on the bottom is rolled against a 0,6mm rod.The end plates are also ready to me glued in place. Sylinder are glued to the plate, and the 3 distance keepers are done.Rolled agains a 1mm rod to be placed on spots c and d. The sylinder mounted on the arm. And the arm is placed where it should be
Painted. Chalkdusted. This part is the first of at least 3 construction points.. The drawing of cp2shows that this is a very simple job.

Construction point2 of the rear axel,suspension and transmission.

It's just 5 parts involved,exept the small strips, and all the main parts are glued to 1mm karton.Strips are glued to 0,2mm karton.. The parts are mounted, and the axel is inserted to see if I got it aligned. Overview Overview

Constructionpoint nr3 is the rear transmission.

The drawing. All the parts are cutted out. The rear part is laminated of 5 parts. The two "boxes" is underway
The main parts done The part is finished. All parts are mounted loosely on thers positions just to see how it all fits. Another view of the part
And put on the car to see how it fits there.It fitted just fine, but I have to wait with the gluing until the engine is in place....and that will be another story Constructionpoint nr4, the wheel connectors.The drawing shows that this is a straight forward assembly. Parts cutted out...still amazed by the number of parts for this build.... The main parts put together.
Front view. Rear view. And I put the wheel on just for fun....So now I'm going to put some paint on the parts and glue it all together. As I didn't have enough small details to work with.....I decided to put nuts and bolts on the wheel since my plans for a diorama involves the change of a broken tire.....and I wanted the bolts to show when the wheel is removed, and the nuts lying on the ground on a dirty/oiled piece of clothing.
All five bolts in place. All five bolts in place. The nuts. Nuts and bolts in place
The plate with the bolts are glued in place into the wheel connector. And an overview.There are still some details I want to have in place before eveything is painted and glued in place. The workshop with the parts The rear parts


Gallery of the finished model is HERE

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