Ford GPA Jeep - PAGE 2

The winch

The drawing of the winch. Parts to be used. Parts ready for assembly
The winch is assembled and ready to be mounted along with the rivets. Winch glued into place. I also added a rope A picture of a real GPA.


Drawing. I made the rings of 1mm copperwire. One puller done
Placed on the car. front view.


The headlights was next out.Here are some shots.
Front view. The rope in place. A shot of the real GPA.

The splashguard

The drawing. Parts to be used . It was a bit tricky to get this part assembled nicely.....
I got it together. Placed on the car. Another view.

The spare tyre

Here I hace cutted out all parts for the tyre. The support for the tyre at the rear end of the GPA. Ready for some paint And painted.
Placed where it belong. Here I have started to chalkdust the tyre. The finished result


Drawing. Parts to be used. Ready for some paint Painted and the top cover added.

Some details

Boxes and blankets added. Rear. Front
The fenders added. Overview. Overview

Transmission some details and the springs

Drawing. Parts to be used. Rolled against the axel The part is done.
Painted and dusted. Another view. Steeringwheel Cockpit detail.
Drawing of the spring and dampers. Parts. Spring is ready Placed to see if it fits.
Painted and ready Added some "mud". Another one


The wheels are made of several parts. First there is the "outer" part that contains 9 parts. And second there is the center parts, contains 8 parts The most "tricky" operation are making of the parts 47E and 47F. Theese parts have to look good to make the overall look to be nice. I'm struggeling a bit with the "bending" of theese parts,but with some patience they turned out pretty well.

Drawing of the wheel. Drawing of the hub. Front Back.
Wheel put on axel. Both wheels in place. Front Side view.
Overview. Springs ready to go in. Front axel and springs done Side view.
Seen from under. All wheels in place. Overview Overview.
A series of the present stage of the car.


Drawing. The windshiels is put together. Overview Overview.
Front view. Side view. Working hinges

Propeller and rudder

Propeller. Rear view. Finished. Finished.


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ŠJohnny Svensson 2007