Ford GPA Jeep 1:25 Modelik


This was the second carmodel I built.There was some minor fit problems with this one,but nothing that serious that a colorprinter and a scanner couldn't fix.

The Body

The frame is put together.Parts are glued to 1mm cardboard The underside shows the frames Another view Seen from the side

Making the underside

It was not as easy as it first looked,but I got it assembled after some thinking.... the instructions are not very good for one that not speaks/reads polish...and translating to english via babelfish and similar sites is not an option either,so every build become more like a puzzle.

I have started to make the underside with the propeller "tunnel".The parts needed for this operation Here I have mounted half of the tunnel I got it assembled and ready for gluing to the framework. It fits pretty good, so I'll just glue it in place

Wheelwhells and the sides

The drawing for the front part. The parts are cut and ready for some paint The part are put in to see if it fits, and it does! I'm satisfied with the result.
Both sides done. Drawing for the rear wheelwhells Parts cut out and grinded Put loosely into place to see if it all fits.
All 4 whellwels are finished and painted. And the right side cutted out. The sidepart fitted very well, but the front is a challenge for me.... I got it into place And it came out rather nice...

Adding strips

The drawing. Parts to cut out Painting edges
The finished result. The front part

The front suspension

the "hard" part of the suspension was made of 0.3mm leaf brass I got my hands on at work....cutted out as decribed.They don't look as good as I wanted,but they are more than ok since they will be covered of paper.
The drawing for suspension. The brass and the parts. Parts cutted out and ready for assembly. Leaf spring mounted and ready for the paintshop.....
One spring done, 3 to go!.

Adding a mesh to the front hatch

I was not satisfied with the papernet that was in this "hole" So I cutted out the part. Panted some fine gaz And the result was a lot better! This part is not glued yet.I have some more work on this part as you can see.


The drawing for the part. The parts are glued to 1mm cardboard Parts cutted and ready for mounting The framework completed.
The drawing for the cover operation. Parts to use on this operation Replaced the "net" The finished result..
Overview. Overview

The front hatch

I have glued the top cover to the front and made the small "bulb". Some of the parts to the rear cover with rivets done on one side. The hatch is done, and the front "strips" are in place Overview of the Jeep.

Another pic

The inside

I have started to finish the cockpit.I made the gearhandles. The front seats and the back seat. Parts for the front seat. One seat left!


ŠJohnny Svensson 2007