Johnny's Workshop

On this site you will find the construction reports of the models I have made and are making. The construction reports will show the builds step by step.The ways I'm doing things might not be the most correct way,but since I'm not reading or speaks Polish or German my builds will vary from other builds.And since I'm just an amateur,my skills are just please don't expect me to reinvent the wheel :) . Just click on the pictures to get the construction report.

Started on two models in 1/16 scale from Gpm

p91 1/16 GPM

Sd.kfz 222 1/16 Gpm

Models on hold for the moment

T28 1:25 DrafModel

LeFh 18/40 DrafModel

Finished models with complete construction reports.

PAK 40 1:16 DrafModel

Austin Putilow 1:25 GPM

NSU Kettenkrad 1:25 Modelik

Ford GPA Jeep 1:25 Modelik

Horch 1A 1:25 Modelik

GAZ-67b 1:25 Modelik

Kübelwagen 1:16 Modelik

Schwimmvagen 1:25 Modelik

SdKfz 250 Greif

Chi-Ha 1:25 ModelHobby

Me-109 G2 1:33 Orlik

Pz.Kpfw II Luchs 1:25 WAK

T40 1:25 Orlik

P-51 1:33 Halinski

Pzkpwf.38t Drafmodel

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