T40 1:25 Orlik

Construction pics

The work continues

Adding rivets in the front
Rivets added to the drivewheel
Adding rivets to the rear part
Mounted the front plate...
Another view of the plate
The propeller and rudders
More rivets..

Even more rivets..
I will guess that I'll be placing around 1000 rivets all in all...The build itselves is quite easy.

Some construction on the side of the tank
Rivets added to the turret
Other side
Rivets on the underside
The roadwheels
Exhaust pipe
The headlight
The reflector.
Reflector inserted into the headlight
Front glass
The headlight completed
Another view
The finished headlight.
The first set of roadwheels in place
Starting to put the first layer of color on the tracks
Placed in the small diorama I have planned for it.
Parts for making tracks
Outside of the track is painted
The inside
Mounted on the tank
A closeup of the roadwheels.
The underside
Front view
Closeup of the front end.

ŠJohnny Svensson 2007