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Another kit from DrafModel. DrafModel has proven to be one of the best designers.The Pak40 and the LeFh are both something I call a 100% kit. Everything fits....no need to trim any parts. very few designers can beat this. So my expectations for this T28 are really high. I will also give a lot of thanks to Rafal for this great model!!
Construction report

So the build starts with a fresh workbench. The hull was first out.Drawing
Frames are put together and glued. And already now we can see that this is going to be a big model

Next was to start to put the skin on the frames, and again the fit was 100%

This was an very easy operation Because the fit is so good

The hull is finished skinned

A lot of nuts and rivets And more nuts

The front hatch Looks like an escape tunnel

Sideskirt stiffeners

Stiffeners for the skirt A finished one
Painted and glued in place I used humbrol 105 for this

The turret

The turret is made of, first a lot of formers then skinned. It looked hard at first sight to make it look good, but the design and accuracy of the parts made it quite easy actually

Formers put together

Glued and sanded the edges

Precise cutting of the flips

Turret side skin Flips bent down and glued started to glue the side skin

Two turets done Turret lok really good Laserparts for air intake

Machinegun turret

Assembly of the machinegun turrets is straight forward building,Everything fits, and level of detail is very good.

Main turret machinegun port and hatch

At first sight the port looked a bit tricky, since it is half sunked into the turret wall. But parts fitted 100%, so it was quite easy to get a nice result.

Cut a hole in the turret wall and just placed the preglued part inside. Then it was to make the outer part with the machinegun.

The main hatch was also easy to buld.Very good fit, and i went to the watchmaker store and bought some 0,8mm screws that i used on the model.

Detailing the turret,and making the air intakes

The details on the turret are mostly easy to build.The most tricky ones are the two small devices on each side. Some skills are needed to get them look good. Precise cuts of the part is vital, so use a scalpel for this.

This is one out of two similar devices on top of the turret.
The device is put together with some small parts. The ait intakes was also quite easy to build. I just had to trim the lasercutted grids a bit so i got them to fit in under the "roofing"

The cannon

The T28 has a quite short barrel, and that makes it rather easy to make in paper.Parts fit are also 100% here. So it should be quite easy for everyone to get a good result.

The cannon is made out of 21 parts plus some nuts.The assembly was not very difficult, but again precise cutting is vital here.
The cannon really make a good impression when mounted on the turret!!

more to come
27. desember 2013 13:08:48