North American P-51D Mustang
1:33 Halinski

Construction report
This is my first attemp of doing a Halinski kits.The Halinski kits are known for their detail level and are rated top notch models with a rather high degree of difficullty.

The build starts with the cockpit section which is built up of several formers to make the shape and room for the pilots compartment.
The drawing of the section
Dryfitting of the diferent components
Side view

When the framing of the cockpit was done it was time to start on the interior.
I started easy with the battery
And another box...
Then I did the floor
A closer look of the framing

The frames seen from the side
Drawing of one of the sidepanels.
Here I have started to build ou the structure on the panel
The frame in place

Another skin was to be placed over the frame
Not the easiest thing to get nicely done....
Adding instruments
The panel in place

Pilot John came on inspection
He is happy with the result
Pilots seat
The pilot fitted just fine

Pilot John inside his plane
The other sidepanel
Both panels inserted

The next task was to start the skinning of the cockpit section
The skin has a perfect fit
Other side
The front sections
Also fitted just fine

All sections in place
The air inlet was a bit tricky
But it turned out nice enough
Seen from the side

Next job is to get the sections behind the cockpit ready
All parts for the framing of the next section is cutted out
My desk.....and the mess
The inner structure is assembled
On this part I decided to put the skin on first to be sure all the panel lines aligned perfectly
A closer look at the skin
The other side
Then I inserted the frames
And closed up the underside

Tail section
The drawing of the tail
The framing is glued in place
Closer look
And I added the last frames to the section

The skin is preshaped
Then I glued the skin on
And added the last piece
The upper part in place

The rudder

The drawing showing the inner structure
The framework
The skins had to be formed before gluing and it's kind of picky work to get this joints nicely done. Here I have glued one side to the rudder
And the skins are on.
The side facing forward had some flips to be joined.I found it a bit hard to get this niceely done,but it's invisible after the rudder is I let it pass
The rudder put loosely on.It won't be glued in place before I have the radio antenna going from the top of the tailfin through the canopy and onto the pilots seat...So to have a chance of getting it straight it will be tightened up through the tailfin after glued in front.
A closer view

The stabilizers
The drawing. Also a lot of parts involved in theese parts....
The first stab. here I have made the framing and preshaped the skin.
Next is to glue the frame to the bottom part of the skin.
And the top are glued in place.
The control surfaces was next out. Here I have prepared the framework .
The fins are glued in place.
And the control surfaces are in place.
Seen from behind.
One side of the fairings are done.
And an overview at last....

The inner framework of the wings.
Wingframes put loosely on.
Just to see how it looks :)
Started on one of the wheelwells.
And I made the wheel covers .
and the cover that is attached to the landing gear.
Also started on the landing wheels
I did one of the legs for the landing wheels.
And both wheelwells are done.Just some minor parts to add.Such as the landing light and some push cylinders for the hatches that will be put on after the skinning of the wings are done.
One of the landing gears is mostly done..
Another angle
Pilot John is satisfyed with his wings.

Skinning of the wings was very straight forward work.Glued the skin to bottom part of the framing and glued the top when bottom had dried. Everything fitted just fine!

Underside of the wings.
Upper side.
Tiny parts for the landing gear movable shock absorbers.
Landing gear
Landing gear.
Both done.
Front part of the canopy.
The pilot seems satisfied
front view.
Started to make the fairings.
Fairing .
Tried to make some gunsmoke sludge around the gunports
One fairing done.
Front part of the fairing.
Both sides done.
Rear outlet.
Rear view.
The tailwheel.
Assembled and inserted
The underside is taking shape.
A closer look at the wheelwell hatches.
On her wheels for the first time
Seen from Down under.