Construction report
Of the
Me 109-G2 1:33 Orlik

First step is to make the cockpit framing.

The internal framing is done, and the floor and rear skin are in place. The supporters for the wingroot are placed under. Some boxes and the foot grid added.
The Pilots seat is coming together. The seatbelts are in place. Pedals.
The instrument panel. The control stick. Overview.
The inside of the cockpit is made out of two skins that fits in the gap. The left panel with the throttle. When both panel are installed the ouside skin is put on.
The rear part of the canopy. The cowling with the machinegun ports. Overview.
Machineguns installed after the cowling is glued in place. The first section of the rear fuselage in place. next section in place.

When making the fuselage sections it's important to preshape the parts before gluing.The part has to have a nice fit around the bulkhead. The joining strips also has to be bent down a bit so that the next section can be slided in over it.After some dryfitting the sections can be glued in place without leaving a gap between sections. I also paint all edges before gluing so that no white edges are visible.

The inner structure of the wings. Here are the colors I use for edgepainting. Another section of the fuselage in place.
I put in a small papersrip to hold the section together when inserting the bulkhead.. The underside of the cowling. Closeup of one of the machineguns.
The fuselage placed on top of the wingframe.. A closer look at the wingroot. Here we can see the shape of the wingroot.
The propell spinner. The last section of the fuselage. Overview.

Construction of the tail

First step was to build the inner structure to support the tailfin. The elevators inner structure. Putting the skin on.
The elevator in place. Here we can see where the trimflaps is going to be placed. The front part of the fin is done.
Another angle. Overview. The rudder is in place.
Trimflaps in place. Another view.

Making the wings

I start the skinning of the wing by gluing the underside in place first. The leading edge has to be preshaped before gluing. Skin is on and the aileron is ready to be glued in place.
The wingtip is in place. Started on the other side. Wing is done!!.
Now it looks more like a plane.

Some other parts made

Tailwheel. Air inlet. The centerpart of the canopy.
One of the landing wheels.

landing gear assembled. Oil cooler. First blade on the propeller in place.
Some small bulbs added. Propeller done. Pilot protection plate.
Gunsight. Air filter. Wings mounted.
Opened cockpit. Wing fairings. Started adding exhaust tubes.

Got the bird on the wheels

See the finished plane in the gallery!!

ŠJohnny Svensson 2008