LeFh 18/40 1:16 DrafModel

When Draf published his other cannon I just had to build it.Since my first model from Draf was IMHO 100% perfectly designed, I just had to make the next model from Rafal as well! This time the LeFh 18/40 (leichte Feldhaubitze 18/40) kal.105mm

I will start with the wheels.Here is the drawing. And the parts for ONE wheel ready.....157 parts just for the rim and spokes... First out are the spokes.Each spoke contains 9 parts. First I assembled the inner structure.

The inner structure is quite fragile.... Then I started to put the 3 covers on. Here are the parts for the front part of the spoke. The part is cutted out and I will shape it half tubed.

When the two front parts are in place,the tube that will cover the rest of the spoke is shaped. And the spoke is done....11 to go.... With all 12 spokes done it was time to put things together. The spokes are placed into slots in the ring. Then the other ring is placed.

Then it was the inside cover The inside cover is on. Some parts was to be placed around the root of the spokes. The holes for the spokes are cut.

All parts glued in place With the center plate in place all got painted and the inner part of the wheel is done.. Continuing with making the outer part of the tyre. First the inside of the rim. When the inside was on....and it fitted 100% I'm amazed that I didn't have to trim that part,but I glued it butt to butt!! I made the first section of the tyre.

View from rear side I make one section at the time since I think it's easier to have the roadside of the tyre aligned with it's proper segment....did that make any sence?. Here is the road part of the tyre.Two smaller strips on each end and one bigger in the middle. When the roadside was done it was time to start cutting letters.

Top down view The letters make a really good 3d effect on the tyreside. With all letters in place,the tyre was painted again with a new color I got mixed today,and it's finished on this side..


The drawing I start with the lower part. Then two rings are placed on top of the base. A coned part goes down in the hole.

And some arrangement on top of it The base for the adjustment screw. The screw in place....soryy for the blurried pic!. And the rear side is another step closer to complete.


ŠJohnny Svensson 2007