Papermodeling looks quite easy. Models comes in a large amount of varieties and difficulty levels. There are some basic skills that are neccessary to get your models look the best.

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Using other materials than paper in your builds is often neccesary. In the materials section you will find a lot of different materials that you can easily find in your house or workplace. Materials such as wooden dowels, aluminium foil, overhead-foil, copperwire etc etc...the list is long. Almost anything can be used.


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  • Tubes...tubes...tubes


Tubes are something you'd better learn to make at once. Tubes are used all over for parts and axels in papermodeling. Tubes can be a liitle hard to make, especially when we talk about long narrow ones. Axels are usually made of tightly rolled paper. Fuselage parts in aircrafts are most often made as large tubes. Barrels for guns and cannons are tubes with a centerhole. So here are some small tutorials in making tubes.


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  • Making coned parts


Coned parts are often used for the coned ends on cylinders,some fuselage sections on aircrafts,rims on vehicle tires and a lot of other parts..


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  • Holes and rivets


Holes can be made in a lot of different ways. By picking your way around with the tip of your #11 exel blade, or with a hole puncher. Holes in different sizes are made in a lot of parts. Rivets are used to simulate nuts and of course rivets..


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