Making holes and rivets

I was for quite some time looking for a good holepuncher. I bought some lockers and a leatherman tool for making holes, but wasn't quite satisfied.Then I heard of something called the Japanese screw puncher over at cardmodels,and had a look at that one.I bought it through E-bay and I'm very satisfied with it. It has replaceable bits from 1mm-5mm in 0,5mm increments.I have now used it for almost a year and it still is razorsharp,so the bits must be of high quality. I made over 1000 rivets for the T40 tank with it and I also use it for making holes.

Here are most of the bits and the puncher.The bits comes in sizes from 1 up to 5mm with 0,5mm increments
A closer look at the "working" end.The puncher twists it's way through the paper and leaves a very nice hole or makes a very nice rivet.
The tip and some 2mm rivets

ŠJohnny Svensson 2008