Copperwire is the material most used in papermodeling.The sizes varies from 0,3mm up to 1,5-2mm.The copperwire is used because of it's quite easy to bend and shape. In instructions the wire is used to roll paper around,it's used for antennas,landing gear legs,axels, etc etc.Here I will show some examples on copperwire used in several builds.Copperwire is useful for a lot of parts in papermodeling.It's easy to use.Easy to get.

Here I have used 0,5mm copperwire to simulate the springs on this tank

The antenna is made out of 0,3mm copperwire glued together with superglue

Very thin telephonewire is used to simulate the wiering on the trailer

0,2mm wire is here used to link the tracklinks together

The frame for the radiostack is solded together from 1,5mm copperwire

1mm copperwire is used as internal support and attachpoints on this landig gear leg

Wire used to make handgrips on the side of the hood

Copperwire used to make the framing of the canvas roof

Again copperwire is used to make springs for the front suspension on a Hoch

ŠJohnny Svensson 2008