I said I would make some pics of some of the most basic parts shaping in card modeling. First I will say I'm no expert on the subject.The methodes I use may vary from others.But this is how I do things, and they work for me.
The coned parts are used a lot in cardmodels as parts of the front end on fuselages on planes,propeller cones,parts in tyres,and other coned objects.First we cut out the piece and if there are a joining tab on it...cut it away and glue it on the back side of the part.In that case you wont have the edge showing.
Next I place the part inside my hand and have a rounded object ready. The size of the rods I use vary.Smaller diameter on the rods gives tighter cones.
Then I roll the rod against the part applying pressure to it.Remember to hold the angle against the edges of the part.And now we can see it curles up behind the rod
Do this until the cone is so tight that it overlaps itselves a bit
When you are happy with the shape glue it together

ŠJohnny Svensson 2008