Sd Kfz-2 NSU Kettenkrad 1:25 Modelik

The NSU Kettenkrad is a relative easy build.The only "problem" might be the wheels.But there are nothing a bit of patience can't cure....

Instructions,drawings, parts and tracks

The instructions are only in Polish Some of the pages with parts.The print and colors are very good The drawings are both in 3D and 2D.Informative and easy to follow I also got Rafal at DrafModel to make me lasertracks for the model

So the build starts.And as I often do...I start with the tires

The Front wheel

Here we have the parts for the wheel The wheels have an easy construction,so nothing to mark here So I started in the rear end with the trailer.The frame was made of 1mm karton Next was the outer skin
Skinned outside and inside And I have started on the outside details as fenders,light etc I made the canvas top of plain toilet paper,doubled and painted I also wanted the wiering to show,and added some custom parts...
I had some real pics to follow to get this right A closeup A view from the side A pic to get a grip of the size

The engine and the transferbox with handles and seat.

Some overview and detail pics

An overview shot The drivers place The back seat Drivers seat
The engine cover can be opened Details on the front wheel Overview of the front Closeup

I should have presented more shots from the building of the hull but somehow the shots was deleted from my camera....So this is all there is. But the hull is quite straight forward build with parts glued to 0,5mm cardboard and the assmble is easy.

A few shots of the wheels

One drivewheel

The leadingwheels

The leadingwheels

The tracks

Each tracklink was made of five parts. Here one link is assembled and a 0,2mm wire is inserted in the linkholes This was a bit picky work since the laserparts is a bit fragile... Six links done

The building of the tracks was after some errors from my side done in another way.I had to place the linkwires in place for each link and do one and one after another.It was a bit difficult placing the wires after the tracklinks was assebled and painted due to the small size of the links.Eack link is just 7mm wide.

Starting with the already made tracks. Next step is to place the track over the next link and make sure the wires are in place. So it's the top piece.I have placed glue on the parts where the wires are. And very carefully I'm placing the part on top of the link, and seal the ends with tiny drops of glue.

And very carefully I'm placing the part on top of the link, and seal the ends with tiny drops of glue.

When paint is dry, it's time for the last 4 parts. The 3 biggest makes the pad and the little bugger is placed on the front part on the link on the underside and maked the steering plate. And when thats done it will look like this.Note that this part is unpainted and is part of the trial and error phase.... Underside of the finished track Upper side
Closeup of the tracklinks. Side view Mounted on the Krad :) And it's better with one model in your hand than 10 on the shelf!!.

This is a model I really can recommend!!

Pics of the finished Kettenkrad is in the GALLERY

ŠJohnny Svensson 2007