TKS Tankette 1:25 GPM

The kit

Publisher GPM The Polish Tankette TKS is a nice model.The parts count is low and the model should be quite easy to assemble. The model is really small...only 10cm long.The hardest part seems to be the tracks.It's an older kit from 1998 and parts seems to be computerdrawn.The kit has nice colors and the paperquality seems good.Two versions can be built.One with 7,92 machinegun or with the bigger 20mm gun.
Designer N/A
Scale 1:25
Size 10x7x6cm
Parts N/A
Pages 8
Format 210 x 297
GMI 3-Medium/easy

Pages of written instructions in Polish 0
Pages with parts 3
Pages with drawings 2

Pictures of some of the parts and instructions

History and information

The TK tankette was a Polish design produced from 1931 that was based upon an improved chassis of the British Carden Loyd tankette. The TKS was an improved model with a new hull and a more powerful engine. The armour of the TK was up to 8 mm thick (10 mm on the TKS). In 1939, re-arming of the tankettes with 20 mm guns began, but only about 24 were completed before the outbreak of World War II..

The 575 TK/TKS tankettes formed the bulk of the Polish armoured forces before the outbreak of war. They suffered heavy losses during the Invasion of Poland, often being the only armoured fighting vehicles available. Due to their light armament of a single machine gun, they stood no chance in combat against German tanks, except the Panzer I (also based on the Carden Loyd tankette), but their small size suited them for reconnaissance and infantry support. Only the handful of tankettes armed with 20 mm guns had a fighting chance against the enemy tanks; in one instance on 18 September 1939 a 20 mm gunned TKS commanded by sergeant Roman Orlik destroyed three German Panzer 35(t) tanks.


Weight 2400/2600 kg
Length 2.65m
Width 1.8 meters
Height 1.3 meters
Crew 2
Armor 4 10 mm
Primary armament 7.92 mm km wz.25 machine gun or 20mm gun
Secondary armament N/A
Engine Fiat 40/46 hp (30/34 kW)
Power/weight 17/18 hp/tonne
Suspension N/A
Operational range 180 km
Speed 46/40 km/h

Pictures and info from Wikipedia