T28 1:25 DrafModel

A great kit from DrafModel

The kit

Publisher DrafModel

The latest release from DrafModel is the T28. My experience with models from Draf is that they are among the best there is.Everything fits 100%.This is a model for the more experienced builder since it contains a lot of repetive work.The count of wheels are 72.There are 5 different "models" included in the kit. The print is exeptionally good!! It's the first time I have seen print on high gloss paper with metal effect in a kit.So DrafModel really stands out as something special with this one!! So get it while you can!!

There are of course extras for this model. Both laserframes and lasertracks

Designer Rafal Drzymulski
Scale 1:25
Size N/A
Parts A lot
Pages 35
Format A4
GMI 5. Medium-Hard

Pages of written instructions in Polish 1
Pages with parts 30
Pages with drawings 5

Pictures of some of the parts and instructions

No pictures of a finished model available yet.

History and information

The Soviet T-28 was among the world's first medium tanks. The prototype was completed in 1931 and production began in late 1932. It was an infantry-support tank intended to break through fortified defences. The T-28 was designed to complement the heavier T-35, with which it shared many components.


Weight 27800kg
Length 7.44m
Width 2.87 meters
Height 2.82 meters
Crew 6
Armor 30mm
Primary armament 76.2mm gun (70 rds.)
Secondary armament 4 or 57.62mm DT machine guns (8,000 rds.)
Engine Mikulin M-17 12-cylinder 500 hp (373 kW)
Power/weight 18 hp/tonne
Suspension twin bogies with plunger springs
Operational range 220km
Speed 37km/h

Photos and info from Wikipedia