Pz.Kpwg II "LUCHS" 1:25 WAK

One of the newest kits Wak

The kit

Publisher WAK This is really a great kit from Wak! The kit contains over 2000 parts.The instructions are only in Polish,but there are a lot of 3D drawings to help you along the way. The kit is of course computerdrawn and the print is very good.I do miss some weathering though.Available are also laserparts,lasertracks and metal barrel.

You can buy the model at http://www.wak.pl/

Designer M. Kurzynski
Scale 1:25
Size N/A
Parts 2723
Pages 20
Format 210 x 297
GMI 5-Difficult

Pages of written instructions in Polish 1
Pages with parts 14
Pages with drawings 4

Pictures of some of the parts and instructions


Photos of a finished model taken from Wak's site.

History and information
A light reconnaissance tank, the Ausf. L was the only Panzer II design with the overlapping road wheels to enter series production, with 100 being build from September 1943 to January 1944 in addition to conversion of the four Ausf. M tanks. Originally given the experimental designation VK1303, it was adopted under the alternate name Panzerspähwagen II and given the popular name Luchs (Lynx). The Lynx was larger than the Ausf. G in most dimensions (length 4.63 m; height 2.21 m; width 2.48 m). It was equipped with a six speed transmission (plus reverse), and could reach a speed of 60 km/h with a range of 290 km. FuG12 and FuG Spr a radio were installed, while 330 rounds of 20 mm and 2,250 rounds of 7.92 mm ammunition were carried. Total vehicle weight was 13 tons. .


Weight 13000kg
Length 4.63m
Width 2.48 meters
Height 2.21 meters
Crew 4
Armor 13-15mm
Primary armament 20 mm L/55 KwK 38
Secondary armament 7,92 mm MG 34
Engine Maybach HL66P, 180 pK, 6-cylinder
Power/weight N/A
Suspension N/A
Operational range 300 km
Speed 60 km/h

Photos by Igor Kurtukov