Horch 1A 1:25 Modelik

European version

The kit

Publisher Modelik This kit from Modelik was the fourth cardmodel I built.This model have over 500 parts,and it still is fairly easy to build. Parts fit is good.Not the best,but good enough to be built of a novice.The errors I found was not many and the parts involved was not vital. The finished model looks really good with a lot of details on the inside and outside.
Designer Waldemar Rychard
Scale 1:25
Size 194 x 80 x 96 mm
Parts 554
Pages 10
Format 210 x 297
GMI 4-Medium/hard

Pages of written instructions in Polish 1
Pages with parts 6
Pages with drawings 4

Pictures of my finished model

History and information

The Auto Union/Horch 108 was classed as a universal heavy cross-country car (schwere geländdegängige Einheitspersonenkraftwagen) and was quite often found performing in both the Kfz 15 (field car) and Kfz 70 (troop carrier) roles. It appeared in two main variations; the first model was the 108 1a (the Battlefront Model) with all wheel steering and external spare, the late version, the type 40, had internal spare wheels and only front wheel steering.As a cross-country car it is four-wheel-drive. As well as Auto Union/Horch 3.8 litre V8, it was also made by Ford Köln who built it using their own 3.8 litre V8 engine. A number of Horchs were converted to mount the 2cm FlaK38 gun on their rear compartment. A total of 8135 Horch 108s were built between 1937 and 1945.