Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.G 1:16 GPM

A great kit from GPM

The kit

Publisher GPM

Very nice 1:16 model from GPM. With over 2500 parts you'll be occupied for a while.

This model has a really nice weathering and lasertracks are available from DrafModel

Model is very very detailed with a complete interior and a lot of outside details.

Designer N/A
Scale 1:16
Size 340 x 170 x 180 mm
Parts 2575
Pages 18
Format 420 x 297 mm
GMI 5-Difficult

Pages of written instructions in Polish 1
Pages with parts 15
Pages with drawings 3 A3 pages

Pictures of some of the parts and instructions

Pictures of the finished model will come when I find a model that is finished :)

History and information

Panzer III is the common name of a medium tank that was developed in the 1930s by Germany and used extensively in World War II. The official German designation was Panzerkampfwagen III (abbreviated PzKpfw III) "armoured fighting vehicle". It was intended to fight other armoured fighting vehicles and serve alongside the infantry-support Panzer IV. However, it soon became obsolete in this role and for most purposes was supplanted by Panzer IVs with more powerful guns, though some Panzer IIIs would continue to be used for infantry support until late in the war.

The Panzer III was intended to fight other tanks and a high-velocity 50 mm cannon was initially called for. However, the infantry at the time were being equipped with a 37 mm anti-tank gun, and it was felt that in the interest of standardization the tanks should carry the same armament. As a compromise, the turret ring was made large enough to accommodate a 50 mm cannon should a future upgrade be required. This single decision would later assure the Panzer III a much prolonged life in the German army. The early models (Ausf A to Ausf E, and a few Ausf F) were equipped with a 3.7 cm KwK 36 L/46.5 which proved somewhat satisfactory during the campaigns of 1939 and 1940 but later models (Ausf F to Ausf M) were upgraded with the heavier 5 cm KwK 38 L/42 and 5 cm KwK 39 L/60 cannons in response to increasingly better armed and armoured opponents.


Weight 22000kg
Length 5.52m
Width 2.9 meters
Height 2.5 meters
Crew 5
Armor 5-70mm
Primary armament 1x 5 cm KwK 38 Ausf. F-J
Secondary armament 2 7.92 mm Maschinengewehr 34
Engine 12-cylinder Maybach petrol 265 hp (197 kW)
Power/weight 12hp/tonne
Suspension Torsion bar
Operational range 155 km
Speed 40 km/h (road) 19 km/h (off-road)