M1A1 Abrams 1:25 FlyModel

A massive kit from FlyModel

The kit

Publisher FlyModel This kit from FlyModel was something I wanted for a long time.I have very limited info about this kit,but from what I think when going through the pages is that it's going to be fun building this one. There are a lot of parts,but as long as it has no interior it will be managable for anyone with a little experience.

Available extra enhancements are barrel and wheels from Gomix

Designer N/A
Scale 1:25
Size N/A
Parts N/A
Pages 15
Format A3
GMI 4/5-Medium Difficult

Pages of written instructions in Polish 1
Pages with parts 9
Pages with drawings 5

Pictures of some of the parts and instructions

History and information
The M1 Abrams is produced in the USA and it's name comes from General Creighton Abrams. It is a main battle tank, the well armed, heavily armored, and highly mobile offensive mainstay of modern armored ground warfare. Notable features of the M1 Abrams include the use of a powerful gas turbine engine, the adoption of sophisticated composite armor, and separate ammunition storage in a blow-out compartment for crew safety. It is one of the heaviest tanks in service.


Weight 61000kg
Length 7.93m
Width 3.66 meters
Height 2.44 meters
Crew 4
Armor Chobham, RHA, steel encased depleted uranium mesh plating
Primary armament 120 mm M256 smoothbore cannon
Secondary armament 2 x M240 7.62 mm machine guns (1 pintle-mounted, 1 coaxial)
Engine AGT-1500C multi-fuel turbine engine 1500 hp
Power/weight 24.5 hp/metric ton
Suspension Torsion bar
Operational range 465.29 km
Speed Road: 67.72 km/h (42 mph) Off-road: 48.3 km/h (30 mph)

Photos and info from Wikipedia