Gaz 67B 1:25 Modelik

The GAZ 67 is a Russian Jeep,and was made between 1942-1952,and was replaced by the bigger GAZ-69

Henry Ford is known as the man who put America on wheels.Less known is it that Ford also helped Russia making cars when Ford Motor Company back in 1932 helped to etablish Gorkovskij Avtomobilnji Zavod in the city Gorkij.The russian workers was also trained by Ford in the United States. That time Gaz was the biggest car manufacturer in Europe,and their first products was lightly modified A Ford trucks and open sedans. With the second world war,Gaz developed their little Jeep Gaz-67B.The Gaz was a better terrain vehicle than the American Jeep,but the drawback was that it was less reliable and difficult to repair.

Some shots of the Gaz 67B

The kit

This kit from Modelik is rated as easy.There are some small parts,but all in all it's a kit that suits all skills.

My build of the kit is straigh forward with a minimum of custom details.The only thing I added was the field radio and some nuts and bolts here and there.

The drawing of the vehicle

I start with the wheels

Some of the parts for the wheels
The parts for the rim
To make the tyrepattern a bit more realistic,I decided to cut this part in 3
Ending up with a lot of small flips....

I glue each flip to the tyreside
And the other side
Both sides are done
Next is the center strip

Started to glue the strip in the center
Pattern is done
painted black
Dusted and weathered
Adding 0,8mm nuts from DrafModel
The wheel is finished and painted
And dusted....

The Frame,floor,axels and springs

The underside
The upper part
The frameparts
The assembled frame

The frame is glued to the floor,and the petroltank is added
The Gear and transmission is added to the front part
The underside is to be painted flat black
The rear axel and one of the leafsprings are dryfitted

The underside almost done
Front axel and the one of the front springs
Exhaust is also done
The front floor

A few stiffeners are glued to the underside of the floor
The rear axel
The two coned parts are in place
Rear leafspring

Rear leafspring
Parts for the front part glued to 1mm cardboard
The radiator.I decided to use blackpainted gaz as the net behind the radiator. I cutted out the spaces , glued black gaz to 1mm karton and glued the radiator on top
The finished radiator

The body

The front fender
The hood is coming together
The radiator fitted just fine
The floor is in place

The bottom in the "lighthole"
The body is made of theese two parts glued together.
I started to glue this at the back.
The part fitted very well.

Windscreen mounted
The hood.
Front view.
The rear fenders are done, backseat in place..

The gearshift section
I have to do something about the frontlights since they dont have the same shape as it is on the real Gaz..
Here is how it looks on the real one.
Started to make the radio.

The radio antenna from the real Gaz
Another of the real thing.
And here is my version.Still some adjustment to the antenna, but you get the idea.I also have to make the batterybox.
Gearsection is in place.

Front axel with the special springs
Radio is done.
Backseat painted and glued in place.

Making of the canvas doors. Rolled up a piece of toiletpaper....and made two small paperstrips
Painted and glued into place
Another view.

Details here and there

The plate for the rear hook
The 0,6mm nuts are from DrafModel
The bolt
A detail on the hood.I have 3 more to make of theese.

The front fender.And as you can see it's kind of "worn" due to a lot of uncareful driving....
Also put the last front tyre on the axel.Picture taken under the chalkdusting process.
The handlevers on the hood are made of 0,5mm copperwire.
The rear kardan is ready and connected the axel to the leafsprings.

The red stars have come into their right places....

The Maxim machinegun

A lot of tiny parts....
The gun is nearly done.painted with the Gunmetal colour from Humbrol.
Machinegun assembled
And put into place behind the Gaz..

More details

The licenceplate,taillight and a handgrip around the corner..
The frame for the canvas roof..
The tow wire
Placed in front of the car.
The arrangement for the roof.
Seen from the side.
And from the back
This is from the real Gaz.
Another just to compare.

The radio

Closer look.
Placed in the car
Another view.

The Finish

The underside.
The spare tyre.
Drivers seat
Another view.


The real one.
My build.
Another view.

ŠJohnny Svensson 2007

Gallery of the finished model isHERE