Raunsdal 2007

A trip to our cabin up in the mountains above the "Sørfjorden" in a valley named Raunsdal.

We are driving the first bit of the trip with tractor

Tractor parked and we are getting loaded...

Wet wet wet,the weather was lousy

Thats right...we're going up there in an hour or so

Even if it's raining,the sun still shines :)

A wet little guy on the narrow trail

If you are afraid of heights, don't look down

Getting closer to the grand finale.Just a small hill to climb

A view down the valley

They looks a bit tired

Our goal reached!!

A proud fisherman

Row row row your boat gently across the lake

And some nice mountaintrouts catched

The trip up to the glacier

We have started the climb to the glacier

It was rather hot,so we filled our waterbottles often

We have gained some height.View down to the cabin

My kids and I having a small brake...

Happy kids

Coming out of the forest and the smiles are still there

A view to another part of the glacier

There was some steep parts to climb here and there

There was a lot of snow above 1000meters.We had to cross a lot of places with snow

A view to a valley called Kvitnadalen that separates the glacier Folgefonna in two parts

A view down to the fjord.A bit scary out there with over 1000meters to the bottom

We had to take some detours because of all the snow.And nice places like this turned up.

The last and biggest snowcovered area

Overview down to the fjord and Odda in the bottom

Family in the middle.Some catching a tan...

Almost there.Just a few hundred meters left.

A Grouce

And we reached the glacier.Here we are at 1441meters


Plenty of snow

Funny girl :)

Had a few hours in the sun

On our way down again

Having a great time

My kid with the waterfall in the background.

Back to the cabin after a nice long day in the sun.

©Johnny Svensson 2007