This years fishingtrip

The Cessna 206

My buddy back in the plane

Our cabin

Overview down to where we have the cabin

On our way to the fishing lake

View to the north of the path

Fish are jumping :)

We are making our boat ready for action

Flyfishing is fun!

And fishing with lures are also fun

My buddy flyfishing

23 mountaintrouts the first day

I guess I spotted a biiig one

Bait,coffee,cognac and a fish....

Sunset over the lake

The view from our "fishcamp"

Myserious little lake...

That contained some nice samples

Another sunset

Big shoes or big fish?

1,5 kilos on the spot

Two happy fellows

Our fishcamp

The camp was also used for drying our fishnets

Got one

Anyone mentioned mosquitos...

Another nice fish

On my way home after 5 days in the bush

And here comes our flight

Soon back in the civilisation

We had 5 days of incredible fishing.The weather was very nice all the time.We had almost no wind ,so it was perfect for flyfishing.We got 84 trouts with us back home :)