Pkw K1 Kübelwagen Typ82 1:16 Modelik

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The engine

The engine was a bit tricky....a lot of parts, and the drawings was a bit difficult to understand since not all the parts involved was shown...
The main drawings. The engine completed Engine Still some work to be done.....painting, and rest of the exhaust etc etc...
Rear view of the engine. Another view The engine is inserted into the engine compartment and attached to the gearbox View from behind
From the underside. Exhaust also done

Finishing the underside.

Drawing of the underside. Drawing of the part Parts to be used here. And everything mounted in place.
Rear view. The car is coming together The underside. Front wheels.

Finishing the car with details and final toucup.

Front. Rear Rear. Overview.
The left rear wheel with the bolts. All seats in place The gunholder. Dashboard.
The left rear wheel with the bolts and nuts. Rear hooks The doorpole. Looking down.

The final stage.At this point I'm just adding the outer details.Such as the doors,mirror,lights etc etc

Overview. Reflector Closeup. Combatlight.
Doors ready to go in. Doors in place From inside. Doors can be opened and closed.
Seen from front. Headlight Headlight. front view.
Overview.Just some strips missing now!. The canvas roof arrangement Overview. Overview.
More doors. Even another... Overview. Front is ready.
The shuffle. Jack Footpump. Mirror.

The Kübelwagen is finished!!


Gallery of the finished model is HERE

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